Roupen Sevag – Hey you

Roupen Sevag – Hey you

Hey you, passing along this forgotten path,
Your wretched whirling eyes consume me,
You finish me off,
You take your final gulp.

I am alone and you are all that’s left,
My timeless road as a poet has always led me to you,
but you just pass me by
like twilight’s final gleam.

You have always been the coffin of my joy,
To capture the world’s unseen beauty,
To show the world within us all.
– that’s all I ever wanted.

But you pass by unimpressed –
you – like a witch – who has skinned a thousand boys –
Why should you care?

You could have at least thrown me a morsel of praise
as I was trapped within your coffin…
But you leave – and I watch –
your horrid body strolling away as beautiful as a fallen cypress….

The original Armenian version of the poem can be found here [.pdf format]

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