Like so many others – Anoush Krikorian

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Anush Krikorian’s “Like so many others”

Like so many others…

Like many others,
I too
Arrived to this world
for a brief visit.

I too saw
the land and the sky,
I too felt the gentle caress of daisies
in sun-kissed fields.

I too saw
viscous and cruel,
Roaming the planet like barbarians.

I too felt
Like so many others,
joy and sorrow.

I too will
one day
become dirt –
Like the the dirt of many, many others…

Anoush Krikorian, 1994

2 thoughts on “Like so many others – Anoush Krikorian

    • Thanks for your kind words Araxi !! Keep on reading. I am also planning on publishing a book of previously untranslated Roupen Sevag poems [Armenian and their English translation side by side]. Keep a eye out for that. Also, if you have any favourite poems that you’d like for me to translate, please let me know…

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