To the pages of an old photo album… – Vahe Vahian

To the pages of an old photo album…

How many unspoken emotions,
How many dreams of yearning and of love,
And how many overripe hopes,
Sleep within the bosom of these pages,
Like an a flower that has never blossomed ?

But they begin to tremble, they wake !
Hopes and dreams, yearning and love,
Just as Spring fills the gnarled branches of oak with vibrant green youth,
I give new life to these shadows of the past…
My soul fills with tears..

And I begin to think…Who,
After many years have passed,
Will give these slumbering pages life once more,
And give these fading shadows another Spring…

Vahe Vahian, 1955

Here is the original Armenian version.

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Vahe Vahian’s “To the pages of a photo album”

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