Roupen Sevag – Aria


Because they spoke to me
the dying roses – The horror,
as they wept away their gorgeous yellow 
tears, now drifting away in the wind….

And from the mountains,
the winds come panting down from untold heights,
They tell tales of the mute vibrations
of life’s final moments.

Yes, I have watched the arcing of the skies
and her untold emptiness,
The comets fly past as if
the Great Mother is shedding a tear.

And now, my friends, the countless dead 
who have walked before me, 
They dance upon my soul and sing…
“Die you fool, ” they say.

Roupen Sevag


The original Armenian version of the poem can be found here [.pdf format]

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The name of the site speaks for itself. Here, you will find my own personal translations of currently untranslated works of Armenian Poetry. I will start off with my favourite poet – Roupen Sevag. [Here is a link to his Wikipedia page.] His blending of Romantic ideals of nature with his uniquely realist worldview have struck a chord with me. I reckon that my first 50 posts or so will be translations of Sevag poems.

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